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Aliya Abs Contemporary Artist
Original painting Heart Is A Good Hiding Place by Aliya Abs

Heart Is A Good Hiding Place 

100x100cm, Acrylic pastel on canvas, 2023

Original contemporary art by Aliya Abs.

Discover unique collections of modern portraits and still lifes and get in touch with the Munich artist.

Artwork Collections

La Grâce

70 x 70 cm, Acrylic pastel on canvas, 2023

Le Buffet Estival

80 x 100 cm, Acrylic pastel on canvas, 2023

The Chair

40x50, Acrylic pastel on canvas, 2023


To purchase original works or art please visit the cooperation partners by clicking or contact me for further information by exploring Your favorite collection. Thank You.


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Affordable Art Fair Brussels 2024


Participation in the Affordable Art Fair 2024 Brussels with Private Walls Gallery from 7 February 2024 - 11 February 2024.


The "Meet Frida" Foundation, Hamburg, creates one of the largest outdoor galleries in Germany and represents over 70 international artists. They present works by Aliya Abs as "Artist of the Month", January. 

Germany's leading outdoor and online institution for ultra-contemporary art.

Tappan Collective Los Angeles, California


"Artists push our culture forward and help us see the world in new and interesting ways. We are proud to support the variety of practices our artists bring to Tappan".


"The search for the essential, the growing urge to reduce and calm down, and emotions as a theme are artistic developments - inspired by real life."

Magazine for art and culture


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