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Aliya Abs in studio

Education & Mission

Aliya lives and works in Munich, Germany, since 2011. Before she graduated from the Art Academy in Lviv, Ukraine, with a master's degree. Painting and art is her mission in life.

"This mission helps me to bring my inner self to the outside world and to realise the here and now. It makes me happy and sometimes sad at the same time. My art is a part of me and I can't live without it. Quite simply."


Aliya simply paints what she feels and what she sees: Interesting people, charming places and beautiful things. Just inspired by real life - as a family person and traveller. Many works from 2023 were created under the influence of a trip to Paris.

"The city's exceptional culture is still my source of inspiration. At the moment, French music is playing in the studio all the time. I love it."

Original painting Recently In Paris by Aliya Abs


Aliya is an impulsive and straightforward artist. Usually she does not make any sketches before painting.

"I prefer to transfer the very first fresh lines of an idea to the big canvas straight away. Then I just start working, preferably on several paintings at the same time."

However, this way of working occasionally leads to paintings being painted over several times until the result is satisfying.


Figures and characters are often used to express certain feelings. Still lifes are technically interesting for Aliya to experiment with colours, textures and compositions. But over all and regardless of the category, the work is always about people and feelings.

"In the 'People category', I am interested in the story, the background of a person and a specific moment that I want to capture in the painting.

The 'Places' and 'Things' categories are also about recognising the traces of a person or, more precisely, capturing the mood they have left behind. So it can also be a vase of flowers in autumn that makes me think."

Original Painting Au Revoir by Aliya Abs
"I mostly want to convey a sense of calm, serenity or dreaminess and open up small spaces for a break from our hectic and often overdosed world."
Original Painting Autumn Atmosphere #1 by Aliya Abs

The Colors

Aliya chooses palettes intuitively. Sometimes the scene and composition of a painting help to choose the colours. The combination of dark tones of black colour and earth tones dominate at the moment. But this is subject to constant change and development. 

Collections and series

In addition to the three main collections "People", "Places" and "Things", Aliya works in series.

"My last series is called "Au Revoir" and means a lot to me. It's about letting go, moving on and leaving everything behind. Not looking back, but moving on and looking to the future."

The power of painting

An major concern is to demonstrate the importance of authentic art for our entire society.

"Whether you are more emotional or more rational, no matter how old you are or where you live, everyone needs artistic inspiration to fully enjoy the highs of life and overcome the lows. The emotional and creative power of art must not be lost."

Aliya Abs Contemporary Artist
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